How can I analyze a data from a qualitative research?

Which direction to go?

Which direction to go?

I have studied years ago about Systematic Review and Qualitative Research during my master degree. You can read a diversity of material about these in the technical reports, articles and books, which explain how to conduct, how to extract data, but a little focusing about how to analyze and synthetize the data. So, the big question is: How we can analyze the qualitative data? [my question now during the PhD]

What kind of method do you prefer? What the difference about the existing methods?

I always listening my teachers saying that to conduct a qualitative research, the better methods to analyze data are Grounded Theory or Thematic Analysis. But, what is a Thematic analysis? What is a Grounded Theory?

Existing in the literature many materials about it, but for the Computer Science I recommend to read:

But even I reading these materials, I have other question:

Which one I should use? To answer this question, I recommend you to read some articles from this site, specifically this article: “I’m not sure whether to use grounded theory or thematic analysis – what’s the difference?

In my opinion, to conduct a master thesis, I recomended to use a Thematic Alysis, because is less rigorous in your approach. But, to conduct a PhD thesis, I think it’s better to use a Grounded Theory (GT), because this method is use to create a theory about something.

What do you think about this? I’m waiting your opinion.


5 thoughts on “How can I analyze a data from a qualitative research?

  1. The Thematic Analysis is more aggregative than interpretative, at thematic analysis we count the things and it is very importante to it because Thematic analysis identifies major / recurrent themes in the studies identified and create a summary of findings of primary studies under these thematic headings. In general, the final results of a thematic analysis has a low/median interpretation quality (Sanderlowk handbok) . On the other hand Grounded Theory has a focus at data interpretation, in Grounded Theory, you do not look for count, you looking for interpret data. grounded theory has as final result a theory. Grounded Theory has high interpretation quality. The Thematic Analysis should be used by Mapping studies, because it should be used by exploratory`s research question. Grounded Theory should be used by explanatory`s research question. There are other good methods to synthesis and Integrating studies, like qualitative meta-summary, metasinthesys and meta-ethongraph, they are more robust but can take more time.

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